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Monthly Workshops   |   Virtual - hosted on Microsoft Teams

Free Microsoft 365 Cloud Workshop

Discover how to empower your people to work collaboratively and securely from any device and any location with Microsoft 365 Cloud Technologies. 

Time & Location

Available Dates

26/05/2022   |   30/06/2022   |   28/07/2022

Virtual - Hosted on Microsoft Teams

Duration: 90 mins

About the event

For today’s Small to Medium size businesses to thrive, working together with customers, colleagues and local communities seamlessly is pivotal to their success. Prior to the pandemic, many small businesses were already shifting to cloud-based solutions in order to improve their ability to collaborate securely to enable business continuity.

We now all find ourselves in this new normal, ‘Ways of Working’ which have been brought about by remote and hybrid work models, this change has caused businesses all over the world to look at how to adapt their existing Ways of Working to take advantage of the flexibility of working from anyplace.  Many businesses have struggled with these changes and some didn’t know if they’d be able to make it through the pandemic.  

Are you a Small or Medium sized business that has…

  • Struggled to adapt to remote or hybrid working?

  • Are you concerned about how to manage the devices that access your data securely? 

  • Do you need increase the productivity of your workforce while adapting to a new way of working? 

  • Are you looking to get a return on your investment in moving to the Cloud?

It is now two years on since the start of the pandemic, and we have all needed to rethink how we work: The Workplace is no longer a place you go to.  The workplace is now anywhere, it’s a set of activities that people need to be able to perform from anywhere from any device, no matter the type of business you run. 

One thing is clear as we continue adapting to this “new normal,” work life as we knew it before the pandemic will not return – Microsoft research shows that employees now want the best of both worlds: over 70% of workers now want flexible remote working options, and 66% of business decision makers are planning to redesign spaces to accommodate hybrid work options. 

Come along to our M365 workshop to find out how you could adapt your business to run securely on the Microsoft Cloud.

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