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Monthly Workshops   |   Virtual - hosted on Microsoft Teams

Collaboration using Microsoft Teams

Discover how to empower your workforces remote productivity and leverage the return on your investment with Microsoft Cloud tools.

Time & Location

Available Dates

19/05/2022   |   23/06/2022   |   21/07/2022

Virtual - Hosted on Microsoft Teams

Duration: 90 mins

About the event

Small and Medium Businesses are the backbone of our economy. They keep us running, and they are the key reason our communities thrive.  

When the pandemic hit, businesses all over the world had to find new ways to adapt how they could continue to do business.  Many small and medium-size businesses struggled to adjust to the needs of the new Hybrid and Remote Working Model, and the technology and behavioural changes needed to empower their workforces to work productively with the new tools and technology that they had. Some SMBs didn’t know if they would be able to make it through the pandemic. 

Companies around the world are now embracing ‘hybrid working’, this shift has been particularly rapid and hard hitting for the SMBs business community, some of whom have and will need to transform the way they work. 


Microsoft Teams has introduced a set of new solutions into their day-to-day work lives:  

  • Can you collaborate in real time with your colleagues and customers?

  • Do you share documents and other key business collateral in a secure way?

  • Are you getting the best out of your workforce while adapting to a Hybrid or Remote Working Model? 

  • Do you want to reduce the cost of the tools you currently use to collaborate, Video Conferencing, Telephone Systems and remote meeting tools?

As we continue adapting to this “new normal,” one thing is clear, our working life as we knew it before the pandemic will not return – Microsoft research shows that employees want the best of both worlds: over 70% of workers now want flexible remote working options, and 66% of business decision makers are planning to redesign spaces to accommodate hybrid work options. 

Come along to our 90-minute workshop to find out how Microsoft Teams can help you collaborate, securely from any location.

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